Saturday, September 17, 2011

engineering mathematics.

now i want to story about some of my subject in UTM that is Engineering Mathematics SSCE 1693...oh no, this subject was very hard to carrying. maybe for the first time i would fell the strange with this math. insyaallah for a few weeks later i can handle it.

For the first topic is Further Transcendental Functions.. in this topic have the hyperbolic function same likes in matrix,,but it on the inverse hyperbolic function. i try to do some revision by searching the internet, but FYI internet in KTHO is very slow down services. but i try the best to revise again. its very hard to say that i was forgot all the thing that i study in matrix.. its very pity to me.. (teringat kat SIR BOON)

and i hope for 4th year i'm in here,, i will survive all the subject and to bubbly all the time...

FYI i try to be more confident to speak in English. 

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