Sunday, February 19, 2012


Utm provided their student in faculty of civil engineering went to the work in site. I as the participant was very excited to enjoy doing the field work outside the campus that can felt more confident to environment. We were conducted by the supervisor that plays their own role by provided us some guideline to be in the real situation as an engineer.

9 Feb 2012- Thursday
Before we went to the camp site at Teluk Gorek, Tanjung Resang, Mersing.. Our supervisor was give some briefing about the site, and we all together needed to bring up all the equipment in the lorry to make the work be nice and smoothly. We arrived at the camp site at 2.30 pm followed by the seconds bus at 3.00 pm. After arrived at the camp site, there’s no activity at that day, so I went to the beach to play with the water. By take the picture of course. At night, Mr. Radzuan was give some briefing about the tomorrow project.

10 Feb 2012-Friday
After the rollcall at sharp 8 am, all group was started their first project which is the traverse project. In this traverse, we need to take the objective of the traverse which is to take the horizontal distance. Before that, Mr. Che Ros was conducted us to visit around  the camp site which the place that we do the project. 
After some planning with my project leader  Hafizzul, we start the traverse from the station 8 and station 2. We need to cover half of the camp site and combined the data with our shared group which is group 1. After doing that, we also need to check all the result with En. Radzuan that can propose our project which is accepted or failed. Luckily our group have complete by doing the project in one day. Thus, we don’t need to continue for the next day.

11 Feb 2012-Saturday
Same for morning before, we was rollcall and sing the Negaraku and Keunggulan Terbilang. Then we need to do the seconds project which is leveling. This times, we need to considered about the vertical distance of the CM (check mark) given by the coordinator. Addition, we also need to do the leveling work outside and inside the camp site.
Planning going very smooth by Sandra as our project leader and our group start the work the outside the camp site. For our first doing the leveling at outside, our result was rejected. Thus we need to redo that again. But, we start our work after the lunch break. Then the seconds result was accepted. Next we continued the work in camp site, for 3 times. Because the first and second result there was some calculation mistake made by me. Thus for the third times, we was success with all the point level was accepted. Our project was complete for one day.

At night, there have the presentation session, that all project leader need to present all the result of the project that have been done. Sandra and Hafizzul was success at the presentation with the confident and eye contact level.

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